The SUNETMOI brand is a journey in search of quality and convenience.

The vision of the brand is an expression of class and minimalism for women of all ages.
When creating swimwear, the brand focuses on reflecting comfort by choosing fabrics that follow every movement of the body and harmonize with the body regardless of the figure.

SUNETMOI offers luxurious fabrics in a classic design for women who value quality.

The models created are a collection of everlasting fashion that will always return.
The mission of the brand is to create swimwear from high-quality and flexible materials. The models are dedicated to women who pay attention to comfort.
We offer swimwear for every woman and have a universal size approach thanks to the flexible fabrics. This allows to adjust to a wide range of body types.

We value quality over quantity.

Each element has been designed to be valued and consciously combined with each other in various ways.

Our swimwear is designed and sewn locally in Poland.

Bikinis are made of high-quality European fabrics.